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Book of the Month for March – This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay

If you’ve seen the TV series, This Is Going to Hurt you might conclude that there is no point in reading the book, however, you would be wrong because it’s funnier, more poignant and includes anecdotes which aren’t in the series (although the televised version has fictionalised characters which aren’t in the book). It’s a laugh out loud, painfully funny memoir which shines a spotlight on the harrowing, chaotic and often hilarious life of a junior doctor in the NHS. It is as funny as it is poignant and as endearing as it is politically enraging.  Kay has a sardonic sense of humour and a brilliant turn of phrase – something which didn’t come over in the TV series. An insightful and unputdownable book which shines with humanity. It should be on prescription, especially to our politicians.

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Carole Ludlow

I was terrified of going through the menopause and whilst I glided through relatively unscathed, I didn't entirely escape its attempts to knock me down I firmly believe there is a positive side the menopause and to being an older woman in the 21st century. In my fifties I trained as a fitness instructor, which I did as a side hustle to my regular job of a college librarian. I also took up belly dancing and danced on stage in a city theatre and created my own fitness classes with hula hoops. Last year at the age of 61 I ditched the library job and now buy and sell vintage jewellery, run fitness classes and work part time from home in a customer services role. It ain't over till its over.

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